Cruising for the full dining experience! Join us as we cruise New York’s asphalt in pursuit of restaurants and bars focused on giving their customers more bang for their buck – coupling tasty, well prepared food and drinks with good quality service! You don’t have to be a member of the royal family to be treated like one!

Surf Bar – A bit of the beach….in Williamsburg

Surf Bar

139 North 6th Street (between Bedford Ave and Berry St), Brooklyn, NY 11211

(718) 302-4441

L train to Bedford Avenue station

We found this place some years ago when we were first starting to hang in Williamsburg and we wanted a tasty venue other than always going to Sea restaurant. Of course, this was before Williamsburg had all the amazing places it has now. Anyway, our first trip to Surf Bar was impressive. The bartender and waitress were the best and went above and beyond to make our dining experience an absolute pleasure.  We also really like their décor. It’s very beach like with surf boards, fish tank and they even have sand on the floor! Unfortunately, our first experience would be the only time we’d have that great experience.  Those that followed went from ‘just ok’ to ‘WTF?!”  We’ve had several consistently disappointing experiences including slow service, our drinks given away to other customers while we would sit and wait another 15 or 20 minutes for our drinks to come (accompanied with little or no apology, btw), long waits for food and wrong orders received.  They also have one of the worst, overhyped and overpriced lobster rolls we’ve ever had. The downturn in service is unfortunate, and we hope it improves.  Our last experience was so bad it will be a while before we give them another shot; but when we do, we’ll be sure to order their delicious ‘shrimp and crab salad’, and the ‘zombie’ cocktail.


Good (This place is almost sure to offer a dish you’ll find special enough to come back for)

Service Quality

Cheap (Not great, not rude). Unfortunately, not very efficient


Good ($30 – $60 pp) That amount will get you a few drinks with appetizer and a main course….


Higher-end (Definitely eye-catching and inspires conversation). Atmosphere is beach/surfing. There’s sand on the floor!

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