Cruising for the full dining experience! Join us as we cruise New York’s asphalt in pursuit of restaurants and bars focused on giving their customers more bang for their buck – coupling tasty, well prepared food and drinks with good quality service! You don’t have to be a member of the royal family to be treated like one!

Hanson Dry – Nothin ‘dry’ about it

Hanson Dry

923 Fulton St (between Clinton Ave & Waverly Ave), Brooklyn, NY 11238

A, C train to Clinton-Washington Ave station

The "Hanson Dry"

A small, 50s styled bar in Clinton Hill, Hanson Dry’s atmosphere and bartenders are as smooth as their drinks.  A polished, hip and dark décor, help make Hanson Dry a great place for sexy evening conversation. Be sure to stop in and try their specialty drink selection including the Hanson Dry cocktail.  Note – they are cash only.



None – drinks only



Higher-end (Makes everyone feel comfortable, always pleasant, attentive and efficient)



Cheap ($10 – $30 pp) $30 will buy you 2 really great drinks from their signature list



Higher-end (eye-catching, inspires conversation)

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